Passionate about your success !

Are you feeling that something has to change?
Are you feeling that you need more clarity?
Are you aware that you are already good, and something is telling you that you could reach an outstanding level?
Are you thinking that you can improve your leadership?
Are you moving into a new challenging role?
Your motivation has seriously decreased and you need to reignite passion to reach the next level?
Are you suffering from this so peculiar loneliness of entrepreneurship?

Then you are at the right place!
Passionate about your success, I am delighted to offer you an unconditionally supportive and confidential partnership. I will act as a sounding board, displaying an alternative perspective that you sometimes couldn’t see on your own, focusing on transformative discoveries for making key transitions. Motivation-result-autonomy oriented, I will genuinely care about your development and help you to resolve any obstacles you may find along the way towards your goals.

Together we will enhance the highly positive movement that has started when your company’s board has decided on executive coaching for yourself, or when it was your own decision, meaning they do trust or you do trust on your capacity to increase your performance level.

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About Coaching

“Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership” (International Coach Federation).

Coaching is certainly a life changing decision.

How does it work?
Coaching relationships are goal-focused oriented, include a set starting and ending point, with specifically structured and scheduled sessions, focusing on clear issues. A coaching process could not start before defining the goals, with key indicators to monitor the progress all along the journey, until the final assessment at the end of the coaching engagement.

What Clients Say

"Christine is a very talented coach. She is especially great at listening at a deeper level, identifying the underlying needs and values and motivating her clients to move into action. Extremely nice and adaptable, she is very effective at empowering her clients to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. I highly recommend her to anybody who is considering coaching."

Audrey Merlevede – Expatriate Career, Intercultural & Executive Coach - NetExpat

"I highly recommend Christine as a coach! She is really powerful to listen, understand and guide you to develop yourself and face all kind of complex situation. She did also a great and amazing job with my son to help him in his transition from a teenager to a young man."

Anne Vezin Etcheberry – Global Sourcing Director – IDKIDS.Community